Lip Service

I consider what I do a love affair, more than I consider it work.  I adore sharing the benefits of nourishing your temple with vibrant foods.  But don’t listen to me – read for yourself what others think of my classes!

Sharing the love - Simple Detox class Jan 2011

“The flavor, the taste – so fresh, so aromatic!  Audrey is a well-spoken caring chef who loves what she does!  Her creations are unique and healthy for me!” - Karen

“After following an elimination diet, I discovered – much to my chagrin – that I would have to break up with my dearly beloved cheese!  Audrey rode to the rescue, with alternative, but shockingly delicious, non-dairy alternatives.  Welcome back, creamy fruit dip!  Long time, no see! “ – Suzanne

“I have been eating mostly raw for a few months now.  I have increased energy and my weight is dropping.  Audrey’s class taught me some new techniques and delicious recipes.  I look forward to attending more classes.” – Phyllis

“Audrey was so knowledgeable and friendly.  She made foods that were easy to create at home and super delicious.  She made eating healthy look so easy and not time consuming.” – Leanne

“A great Saturday afternoon activity.  The recipes were well explained and simple enough that I could do at home.  I will definitely come back!” – Danna

“I was surprised at how satisfying and filling the food was.  The recipes were accessible but still very sophisticated.  It’s healthy, raw food a foodie would love!” – Karen

“Audrey gave a very informative demonstration of how to prepare kale smoothies and almond milk.  The recipes were very tasty and easy to do!” – Ken

“I like the layering of flavors and the texture of the food is amazing!  Yummy!” – Shelia

“My class with Ms. Barron gave me great ideas and information to prepare healthy foods.” – Lynn

“This class will make anyone love raw food and it’s benefits – even the most skeptical.” – Kim

“I really likeed the ease at which the raw dishes were prepared and so delicious.  The health benefits are amazing and incorporating raw foods into my diet has made me feel great!  Audrey made it so easy.” – Bobbi

“The class was so excellent to show by example then to taste the beautiful results from the work of her hands.  And it’s not that time consuming!  Thanks Audrey!” - Carol

“Great info and great food.  Audrey really knows her information on raw foods” – Ann

“The recipes were delicious and easy and the required ingredients are already in my cupboard” – Cheryl

“Even my 9 year old daughter enjoyed your class!” – Dawn

“Very good presentation, excellent food and good timing!” – Kara

“I enjoyed renewing my interest in a very healthy way of living.  I look forward to incorporating the things I learned in Audrey’s class into my every day diet.” – Jaymi

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