Wellness Consulting

Vibrant Wellness Consulting

I am here to serve you.

I will use a holistic approach to set goals for our sessions based on your individual needs using this as our roadmap to guide you where you would like to be.  My sessions incorporate Ayervedic, traditional Chinese, Taoist and Wise Woman traditions, giving you a blend of ancient healing tools.  We will journey together, discussing your physical, emotional and spiritual health status.  I will guide you in mapping out a path back to your vibrant health.  This guideance can include but not limited to:

·         Introduction to detoxification to reset the body and build a vibrant foundation of health

·         Introduction to the benefits of raw vegan and vegetarian eating

·         Tips for snacking, eating healthy on the run, while traveling, eating out,

          during events and the holidays, on a busy schedule, on a budget and with

          kitchen space challenges

·         Emotional eating and food addictions, exploring issues on a deeper level

·         Specific medical issues and lifestyle changes and foods to help your body

          come back into balance

·         Herbal recommendations to help bring your body back into balance

·         Meditations and exercises to connect back to source and your spirit

$125/90  minute session

Your session includes exercises for you to do between sessions, your own booklet of resources, recipes, journal and your map to vibrant wellness.

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