Living Food Nutrtition

Nourish your temple. Live your Bliss.

Hippocrates once said, Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”

How can raw/living foods bring blissful wellness into your life?  Here are just a few ways:

* Increase your energy

* Enhance your overall mood

* Improve the quality of your sleep

* Enhance your productivity at work and even your relationships

* Give you skin that glows from within

* Open your heart and renew your spirit

Want to know more?

I am a Certified Raw Food Chef & Educator and received my training at the world renowned Living Light Culinary Institute.  I’ve also apprenticed with Susan Weed and Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs in the study of herbal healing and have been studying the art of herbal healing for many years.

I offer lectures, classes, demos, one-on-one consultations and retreats on preparation of delicious living food dishes, healthy eating, herbal healing, wellness and benefits of raw/living  foods.

Need a keynote speaker for your event?  I’m your gal!

I offer my services to corporations, individuals and small-large groups.

Check out Classes and Events for a look at what I’m up to.

Please contact me at or call 317-501-7606 to set up a class, sign up for a class or just ask questions!